What Students say about Stellar Tactical

 ...Auristela is a very competent and knowledgeable instructor.  She has obviously kept up with any changes the state has made to the CHL laws, which can be tricky enough as it is, and is able to deliver that information to her students in easy-to-follow segments, which allow for good comprehension and retention. ...If you have need of your CHL, or other firearms training, you would do well to seek that training at Stellar Tactical.  Vic Fredlund, Haganah FIGHT Instructor, Austin, TX

I took the Advanced Beyond CHL on September 7, 2013.  The instruction was excellent and exceeded my expectations.  In the class we ran through drills such as, accuracy stress drills, working from a conceal carry holster, manipulating magazine changes and jam clearing.  Furthermore, Auristela had us go through high-stress situation that allows you to recognize how your body reacts under these conditions...After taking this class I feel more confident in my ability to defend my family and myself, but understand that practice is still needed and always will be.  This class was a great investment to increase my ability and understanding of how to manipulate my firearm.  I would not hesitate to recommend Stellar Tactical to anyone with whatever knowledge you have about firearms. I will be taking other courses offered in the future.  Mark Smola, Lakeway, TX

Classes Offered

Beyond LTC Training:

Cost - $150 /$175 (Includes Gun Rental)

This class combines the Beyond the LTC Fundamentals and Advanced training.  Students will learn the fundamentals for conceal or open carrying after receiving their LTC. This course will cover the principles of drawing from concealment or open carry holster and working with magazine changes, jam clearing and advanced accuracy stress drills. This course is approximately 6-hours long, will include both dry-fire and life-fire exercises and will be conducted at the range. The student will need approximately 300 rounds of ammunition.

Equipment Required:  Conceal Carry Firearm with holster, for Open Carry either a belted holster or a shoulder holster —semi-automatic handgun, at least 2 Magazines with a Magazine holster, 400 rounds of ammunition minimum, Ear/Eye Protection (daytime glasses), Hat, Sunscreen, Notepad & Pen, Snacks/Meal/Hydration, Open mind and positive attitude

Prerequisites:   Proof of CHL | LTC | or CCW 

NRA Classes:

Home Firearm Safety – Non-shooting class – Cost $50

Students will learn the proper skills and knowledge for safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition. This is course is classroom only and will be 4-hours long. The students will receive the NRA Home Firearm Safety Handbook and Certificate of class completion.


FIRST Steps Pistol – Cost $50/$85 (includes Gun Rental and Ammo)

Students will be introduced to safe handling and proper orientation of a pistol, the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, and shooting fundamentals. The students will receive the NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Handbook and Certificate of class completion. This is course includes hands-on classroom and range time and it will be at least 3-hours long.


Basic Pistol – Cost $150/$175 (includes Gun Rental and Ammo)

Students will learn the basic knowledge and skills for owning and operating a pistol safely. This is course includes classroom and range time and it will be at least 8-hours long. The students will receive the NRA Basic Pistol Handbook and Certificate of class completion.

Prerequisites: None

Personal Protection in the Home – Cost $175/$200 (includes Gun Rental and Ammo)

Students will learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for personal and family protection. This course will be 8-hours long and the student will need approximately 100 rounds of ammunition. The students will receive the NRA Guide to Basics of Personal Protection in the Home Handbook and Certificate of class completion.

Prerequisites:Basic Pistol course or NRA FIRST Steps or Military Pistol Qualification Card or proof of proper safe gun handling course

Private 1X1 and Workshops:

Groups or Special Events Rates are available - Contact  Us for rates.

Private Basic Introduction to Gun Handling -
Cost $150

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of safe gun handling, stance, grip and sight alignment and picture.  This is a 3-hour class and will require approximately 100-125 rounds of ammunition. 

Equipment:  Firearm (Semi-automatic Pistol or Revolver), 2-Magazines, if you have a holster bring it with you.
Note If you need to purchase a firearm, I also do a shopping trip with the student prior to the class.

Firearm Malfunction Clearing Workshop - Cost $70

Students will learn how to clear the most common firearm malfunctions so they can get back at rendering their firearms operable as quickly as possible.  Students will learn  how to clear Cartridge Malfunctions [Misfire, Squibs], and Mechanical Malfunctions [FTF, stovepipe].  This is a 2-hour workshop

Equipment:  Firearm, 2-magazines, approximately 75 rounds of ammunition, and 5-10 dummy or training rounds.

Drawing from Holster | Concealment or Open Carry- Cost $70

Students will be drawing from their concealment or open carry holster and working on accuracy drills.  You will need to have a concealment or for open care a shoulder or an Inside the Waist band or Outside the Waist Band.  Note:  if your concealment option is a concealment purse you will need to have it available for this class.  This is a 2-hour workshop.

Equipment:  Firearm, holster (Shoulder or IWB or OWB), at least 2 magazines, approximately 75 rounds of ammunition.

Personal Protection Awareness & Improvised Weapons - Cost $90

Whether you are in an office setting, elevator, parking garage, being in outdoors, or simply walking around downtown there may be several items at your disposal, which you can utilize to protect yourself during a force-on-force encounter.  We will discuss some personal protection strategies to help you to be able to identify useful improvised weapons and learn how they can be used during such encounter.  The session will cover basic defense techniques against various wrist grabs and rear headlock/choke, being aware of your personal space and surroundings, and useful improvised weapons.  This course will discuss the Texas Penal Code Chapter 46 Weapons.  You will have the opportunity to try some of these items during class, if you choose to do so.

This is a 4-hour workshop

Knife Fighting and Defense Classes -Cost $85

Students will learn a blend of the Native American Apache knife fighting (from the Redfeather family), Filipino martial arts, and the Raven method of Fernan David Vargas. Real-world, preemptive, defense, and what works under stress are part of the techniques students will be taught. This is a 4-hour class.

Equipment:  NOT REQUIRED but if you have forearm protection, MMA or protective gloves, and protective paintball or airsoft facemask please bring them to class.

Note: If you do not have this equipment you can still attend, just be aware that you and your partner will not be able to use full force when practicing the techniques.