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What Students say about Stellar Tactical:

...I have had the pleasure of receiving instruction from Auristela Moctezuma on several occasions, including a basic firearms course (the first time I’d ever shot a firearm!), a CHL course – both the classroom and range portions, and private shooting lessons.   She is not only a pleasure to be around, but also her passion for and knowledge of firearms and personal safety is absolutely contagious, and quite inspirational.  Auristela loves to instruct, and it is evident in her energy level and the personal attention she provides during each lesson.  Every time I’ve been around her, she has made me feel comfortable and confident when it comes to my firearms and my own personal safety.  I will continue to attend her courses in the future, and am excited to see what she is planning on teaching next!  Kristin Rashkovsky, Copperas Cove, TX

I refer anyone I know in the state of TX who wants to get their CHL to Stellar Tactical.  Not only is Auristela Moctezuma a wonderful instructor who knows her information.  She cares about her students past and current...Auristela made sure that everyone understood all required information before proceeding on to the next topic.  Even when we moved to another state and had questions about transferring our CHL and were not sure how to do it, she researched for us and not only told us how, but also gave us addresses of where to go.  Thanks so much... even in FL I still refer all my TX friends to Stellar Tactical, and would have a few in FL who might take it if she offered classes here. Jarrette Osborne Dobbs – Ocala, FL

Other Classes

Beyond LTC Training Cost $150/$175 Includes Gun Rental

Class Dates:

TBD 2020                Register Here

Personal Protection | Improvised Weapons Cost $90


Whether you are in an office setting, elevator, parking garage, being in outdoors, or simply walking around downtown there may be several items at your disposal, which you can utilize to protect yourself during a force-on-force encounter.  We will discuss some personal protection strategies to help you to be able to identify useful improvised weapons and learn how they can be used during such encounter.  The session will cover basic defense techniques against various wrist grabs and rear headlock/choke, being aware of your personal space and surroundings, and useful improvised weapons.  You will have the opportunity to try some of these items during class, if you choose to do so.
This is a 4-hour workshop

Knife Fighting and Defense Cost $85


This class is geared towards anyone who wants to add a knife to their self-defense strategy or personal protection toolbox. It will be approximately a 5-hour seminar with active participation in practicing the skills being taught using rubber knives. Students will learn a blend of the Native American Apache knife fighting (from the Red feather family), Filipino martial arts, and the Raven method of Fernan David Vargas. Real-world, preemptive, defense, and what works under stress are part of the techniques students will be taught. In addition, Students will learn how to defend against some of the common knife threats. If time permits, we will end the seminar with some knife sparring drills. Please remember that while we are using rubber knives, they can still hurt or leave a bruise if you strike too rough during the sparring. There will use of chalk to simulate knife strikes, so remember to bring a shirt you do not mind having chalk marks.